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Order in advance and bring your order number / receipt to  Clay Studio for a no-contact pickup.

All clay prices include firing and glazing. Questions? Give us a call at 805-565-CLAY

Studio (recycled) Clay

Twenty-five pounds of quality recycled cone 10 clay from our studio.

B-Mix with Grog Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Cone 10 B-Mix with grog.

Long Beach Blend Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Long Beach Blend Cone 10 Clay.

Amador Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Cone 10 Amador clay.

Dark Brown Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Cone 10 Dark Brown clay.

Babu Porcelain Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Babu Porcelain clay.


Our basic toolkit includes: wooden rib, aluminum rib, sponge, wire tool, wooden scraper, small and large loop tools (for trimming), needle tool and a bucket

Sumi Brush

These calligraphy brushes ensure smooth maneuverability and dynamic strokes when both light or heavy pressure are applied.

Gift Card

Give a friend or loved one the gift of clay! Choose a denomination and card can be redeemed in the studio or online.

Design & Build Afterschool Program Materials Kit

Includes 10 lbs of recycled clay and an underglaze kit.