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Order in advance and bring your order number / receipt to  Clay Studio for a no-contact pickup.

All clay prices include firing and glazing. Questions? Give us a call at 805-565-CLAY

Recycled Clay (White)

Twenty-five pounds of quality recycled cone 10 clay from our studio.

B-Mix with Grog Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Cone 10 B-Mix with grog.

Long Beach Blend Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Long Beach Blend Cone 10 Clay.

Amador Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Cone 10 Amador clay.

Dark Brown Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Cone 10 Dark Brown clay.

Babu Porcelain Clay

Twenty-five pounds of Babu Porcelain clay.


Our basic toolkit includes: wooden rib, aluminum rib, sponge, wire tool, wooden scraper, small and large loop tools (for trimming), needle tool and a bucket

Children’s Toolkit

Sturdy plastic tools intended for ceramic use.

Children’s Toolkit

Sumi Brush

These calligraphy brushes ensure smooth maneuverability and dynamic strokes when both light or heavy pressure are applied.

Gift Card

Give a friend or loved one the gift of clay! Choose a denomination and card can be redeemed in the studio or online.

Design & Build Afterschool Program Materials Kit

Includes 10 lbs of recycled clay and an underglaze kit.