3D Clay Printing Basics (with Erica Ales) 3/13-3/14

Join us for an entry-level introduction to 3D clay printing, no experience required. Instructors Erica Ales and Jacob Adivi will guide the class over two days on Zoom, which includes an overview of the art form, with in-depth instruction in the intuitive 3D modeling software, Potterware 4.0, and culminates in the creation of your very own 3D printed ceramic piece! You will have a chance to observe the soup-to-nuts process of 3D clay printing, with the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

With full personal access to Potterware 4.0, after day one you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to design a digital model on your own. On day two, you will work one-on-one with the instructor and share your model with the other students, which will give everyone a chance to troubleshoot, problem solve and discuss design concepts in a group setting. Students will have an opportunity to work in Potterware for one week after the class and will then submit a final file. Once your design is reviewed and approved, Clay Studio will record a video of your design being printed and will then bisque fire and ship the piece directly to you (pickup available in Santa Barbara area).

About the Instructor: Erica Ales (Program Director at Clay Studio) has a deep passion for 3D clay printing and draws inspiration from the intersection of emerging technology and ceramics. Erica has spent the last year modeling 3D forms in Potterware, Rhino and Grasshopper and spearheads 3D clay printing and troubleshooting at Clay Studio in Santa Barbara. She co-led Clay Studio’s fall 2020 3D Clay Printing Basics course taught by Lynda Weinman. Outside of working with clay, Erica brings years of experience connecting social impact with the Arts, particularly documentary film. 

Instruction Assistant: Jacob Adivi (Studio Manager at Clay Studio), is an avid 3D printer and specializes in printed and altered works and is currently experimenting on ways to work with gravity and 3D printing.

Price: $325 (includes two days of instruction and one-on-one troubleshooting, 3D clay printing on Clay Studio’s 3D Scara Potterbot printer, one week of full personal access to modeling software, video of your printing process, bisque firing and shipping).

Structure: We will meet over Zoom for an interactive lecture on Potterware from 10am–1pm PST Saturday, March 13. The lecture will be recorded for you to reference throughout the weekend while you are working on your models. On Sunday, March 14, the course will meet from for a digital open studio from 10am-1pm with an opportunity to ask questions and troubleshoot in a group setting. Each student will have an opportunity to experiment using Potterware for one week after the course and will submit their final file by Sunday, March 21. Once the file is approved, Clay Studio will record the printing process, bisque fire and ship your model directly to you. Please note that price is inclusive of flat rate shipping in the United States. Participants located outside of the US may be charged additional shipping fees.

What’s Required: Mac or PC computer capable of running a web browser (Safari is not supported, but Chrome and/or Firefox are fine) and reliable internet connection.  A 3 button mouse (with right and left mouse buttons and a scroll wheel) is suggested.


Mar 15 - 16 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm